The Health Promotion Advisory Committee of the Faroe Islands is a committee appointed by the minister of health for a period of four years in order to encourage and develop health promoting and disease preventing activities.

The committee is composed by persons who have special knowledge about health-, educational- and social matters in addition to health promotion; in addition they should have connections to the Faroese administration, the press and the population.

The 7 members of the Health Promotion Advisory Committee are 4 representing the health sector, one the social sector and one the educational sector; The minister appoint the seventh member, who should have special insight in social- and health matters.

Additionally the advisory committee should:
1. offer counsel to the authorities in the land and the councils in the towns and cities on connection to health promotion, disease and accident preventing,

2. to enhance health promoting and disease preventing activities all over the country with counselling and support,

3. to initiate investigation and analyses to assess the situation on which to initiate health promoting activities,

4. to stimulate research in health promotion.

The intentions of the Health Promotion Advisory Committee of the Faroe Islands is to aim at the long time acquisition of health promotion and to observe present risk factors in the environment in order to find subjects which are to be prioritised.

Recognizing the strong influence of the life style causes to diseases, The Health promotion Advisory Committee at present has these priorities
1. Tobacco and smoking

2. Nutrition and ‘motion’

3. Alcohol and drugs


The office
The committee has regular meetings; the office is led by the secretary who has special knowledge to health promotion on personal and community level. The office seeks to provide information about risk factors, and plan on building a net of of key persons with special knowledge about the risk factors in the priority list.